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Roman Blind Kit - Standard Size-250cm

We have a lot of pre-made standard sized kits for you to order, making it competitively priced, reducing the cost to you.

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Product Description

This kit contains everything you need to make your perfect roman blinds. (Fabric can be ordered separately). The fabric can easily be attached to the pre-corded aluminum headrail via a velcro strip which is embedded into the headrail. With our new improved kit for 2015 we have made it more durable and easier for you. Screw are no longer required for the cord supports, they are easily adjustable with one click and the cord is removable. The headrail is now 1.2 gauge aluminum which is more durable, most UK blinds have been cheapened to the 0.9 gauge profile. Transit locking device included and the blinds have a 5 year warranty. After testing these blinds we find that they will not twist under weight or tension, the components now fit better and are therefore quieter. These kits are built to last!

What's included in the kit?

  • 1x Pre-corded white aluminum headrail with embedded velcro
  • 1x Sew on velcro (to attach to the fabric)
  • 5x Rods & rod pocket tape
  • 1x Plastic bottom bar
  • 100cm drop of white plastic loop chain (upgradeable for a little extra)
  • 1x Set of swivel universal brackets (high quality new for 2015!)
  • 1x Set of adjustable cord stoppers
  • 1x Child Safety Device
  • 1x Roman Blind Kit Instructional Leaflet

The Headrail

The headrail comes cut to the the size that you specify when you order. It comes precorded with cord lengths to allow for a 290cm drop. It comes with 1 cord roll support plus one for every 60cm of rail (e.g. 110cms = 3 cord supports). The cord supports are easily adjusted or removed without any screws.  It will come with the same amount of universal / ceiling brackets as cord supports.  The universal brackets can easily be adjusted or removed without the use of screws.  The headrail has embedded velcro for fixing your fabric, the opposite end velcro (hook and loop) is supplied for sewing to your fabric. The control mechanism has a 1:1 gear ratio and a white plastic control chain is supplied as standard but this can be upgraded to Chrome or Antique Brass for a little extra.  There is just one screw needed to take the control mechanism out but this is not necessary.

Child Safe Roman Blinds

We place a high importance on child safety on all of our products. The Roman Blind Kit has gone through full independent tests and meets the requirements of the child safety legislation EN13120 8.2.33. All the kits come with a tie down clip which can be fixed to the wall at the bottom of the chain loop so it is not free hanging and keeps the chain tidy. The chains are fitted with an easy break chain condenser which breaks under 6KG of pressure and can easily be fixed back onto the chain.

Chain Colour

You have a choice of a white plastic chain, a metal chrome chain or a metal antique brass chain.  The metal chains will cost £2 extra and you can have the chain hanging from the right side or the left side of your roman blind.

Gear Ratio

You have a choice of a 1:1 or a 1:4 gear ratio on the chain mechanism. The 1:1 is standard and is recommended for most roman blinds, the blind will move up the same distance as you pull the chain. The 1:4 gear ratio is recommended if you are going to use a heavier fabric (over ~6kg) making it easier to pull the blind up. The chain will go 4 times the distance the blind moves up making it seem lighter. You may choose either one and there is no price difference.

Fitting Instructions

Fitting instructions are provided with the blinds but can also be downloaded here:

Download instructions here

How to Measure for your Roman Blinds

Click Here for our Measurement Guide.

Please note this is a guide for standard windows, if you are unsure or you have an obstruction in front of your window or to measure bay windows please get in touch with us, visit our contact page by clicking here


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